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Frontier Camp strives to create a fun, adventurous, and wholesome community that fosters Godly growth, respect, and unity among campers and staff. Our ministry has always taken the protection of our campers very seriously. In 2013 we implemented a new Child Protection Plan that takes a 360-degree approach to camper safety. That circle of protection includes the parent and the camper, and you the staffer. We screen all our staff carefully, and monitor the campus closely to keep ourselves accountable. During staff training you will be required to thoroughly read, understand, and sign a commitment to abide by our Code of Conduct. Non-compliance with our code of conduct can result in termination. Frontier Camp is committed to reporting allegations of abuse to the proper authorities.

Frontier Camp is committed to the protection of our campers and staff. We are serious about seeking the highest standard of child care and ALL of our staff are required to pass our Child Abuse Prevention Training Course prior to your arrival here on campus.

If you have not taken a TDHS-approved Child Abuse Prevention Training Course this year, you need this certification. We are now requiring our staff to re-take this certification each year, rather than every other year.  If you have an equivalent certification you have obtained this year, submit it to Matt Henderson for verification.

To complete the training, print out the worksheet. Fill out the worksheet while you read through the course presentation below. When you have finished the worksheet and are ready to be tested on the material, put away the worksheet and take the online test via your camp account. We are relying on your integrity to take the test without any outside assistance, including the course material. The test must be submitted online before May 1st. You MUST pass this exam to work here this summer.


Frontier Camp CAP Training from FrontierCamp