This campus is made up of 3 different cabin areas that each has its own meeting space. These areas can be combined to accommodate a larger number of guests.

Frontier Camp christian summer camp Texas group retreat


The Standley Chapel is the largest of all the meeting buildings, accommodating 100 – 250+ guests. The cabins that are matched with using this space are the Field cabins due to their positioning around the main Athletic Field. There are 6 cabins here and each has 8 twin sized bunk beds and 2 full restrooms for a total of 96 beds in this cluster. For leaders using this area we offer Bethel Lodge, a nicely appointed 4 bedroom house with kitchen, dining and living room. A large circle of benches is located between the dining hall and Standley Chapel and is great for both group orientations and campfires at the end of the day.


The Creation Station is modeled after a train depot and is our medium size meeting building, accommodating 30 – 100 guests. The 6 Texan cabins are a short walk away and also house 8 twin sized bunk beds and 2 full restrooms for a total of 96 beds. Leadership housing consists of two bedrooms that share a bathroom in the second floor of the Creation Station. A covered porch wraps the entire building and on the back we keep rocking chairs next to a stone fireplace that is a wonderful gathering place in the evenings.


The Wood Lounge is our small meeting building, accommodating 10 – 30 people. On the back side is a covered deck with built-in seating great for an evening fellowship. Connected to this space by wooden decking are the 4 Tree cabins that have 4 twin size bunk beds and one full restroom. A campfire circle is located in a cleared area just off the Wood Lounge porch.

Common Spaces

The common spaces that are shared at Main Camp are:

1) Western-style dining hall that can easily be split to give 2 separate groups their own dining space once meals are served

2) Covered gym with basketball court and pitball court (otherwise known as Gaga ball)

3) Houston County Lake amphitheater with campfire area

4) Activity areas