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Working on summer staff at Frontier Camp will serve as a catalyst for spiritual growth. Our full time staff will pour into you and you will pour into the campers. We want our staffers to leave the summer having grown more like Christ and more skilled to serve His kingdom purposes. You are more than an employee, you are an eternal investment!


You will be given opportunities that will serve you for a lifetime of ministry. Leading a small group Bible study, balancing work and personal devotion to Christ, interacting with staffers who are Christians from all different backgrounds, sharing the gospel, and seeing all work as eternally significant are just some of the training aspects our staffers obtain.


Summer staff at Frontier Camp is real work experience. You have job requirements, leadership roles, customer service, staff management, time management, etc. We also love serving as references for your future employment/ministry endeavors!


Lifelong friendships are born at camp! Serving together for weeks in a Texas summer bonds people for life. Since we recruit our staff from all over the state (and some outside the state) you will have a friend to eat with or a couch to sleep on just about anywhere you travel!


At Frontier Camp we strive to “play to the highest standard”. Ultimately, that means we want to give God our best in everything. It also means that we teach and expect excellent work from our staffers. Lifelong habits of wholehearted service are formed at camp. Many of our alumni staffers report back to us that they have soared in their career fields based upon the principles instilled in them at camp!

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what some previous summer staff say about their time working at Frontier Camp:

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work at Frontier Camp this summer! Thank you, Full-Time staff, for teaching the Word and for being great examples of what it looks like to follow Christ with everything!

I love everything about camp and grew spiritually and learned to rely fully on the Lord’s strength and not my own strength. I found a solid friend group from working at camp and camp is one of the best experiences of my life.

I love sharing the gospel with teens, I love the outdoors, I love working with my peers, and Frontier Camp is just the greatest. If someone said, “hey, you have a choice—you can never have a bite of mac ‘n cheese again OR you can never go to camp again.” I would totally give up mac ‘n cheese.

I guess “Faith, Fun, Friends, and Food” really sums it up in a nutshell. Staff faith can be impacted as much as the kids, every day was a blast and a half, I have made friends that I will remember for my entire life, and college cafeteria food is bland in comparison to camp.

Is all of the above an acceptable answer? FC is just a whole lot of yes. To be surrounded every single day (even when it’s not the summer) by people who go out of their way to make me feel loved, encourage me to grow in my faith and to share it with others is more than I could ever ask for.