Heart Award

This award goes to the staff members who exemplify the most Christ-like service on our staff. For the first fourteen years of the award, we typically awarded one counseling staff and one support staff member (though close votes in some years led to multiple awards). Beginning in 2016, we began awarding three awards and did away with the categories due to the increased number of staff serving each summer and the number of staff serving in multiple positions across the existing staff categories. The staff selected each summer have their name listed on the Heart Award plaque in the Frontier Camp office and are awarded a cash gift. The cash gift is given by former staffers and the award is voted on by the summer staff making it an award for staff, from staff and by staff. Our past year’s winners are:

Year Counselor Support Staff
2002 Aaron Brown Matt Henderson
2003 Jeremy Franks Sara Birdsong
2004 Lesley Clayton Liz Rupe
2005 Luke Henderson Kate Rudasill
2006 Alyssa Weaver Justin Dobrenz
2007 Krista Sorrels Jonathan Kittle
2008 Ryan Hutsell, Dusty Stone Heather Hoskins
2009 Stefan Christensen Daryl Thompson, Austin Baltes
2010 Lee Riddle Gillian Adams
2011 Tres Maverick Tommy McMinn
2012 Jake Lewis Baylee Wolcott
2013 Tomas Johnson Tristan Windham
2014 Jake Hagstrom Amy Oudin
2015 Lawton Klein Sarah Nix, Nathan Blattman