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The Adventure Challenge activity classes are for the daring camper who wants a little extra excitement during their week at camp! Campers will enjoy a different activity every day at one of our challenge course elements while learning teamwork, pushing themselves to do things they’ve never done before and conquering their fears in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas! Adventure Challenge activities include learning to climb at our Climbing Wall, solving problems on our Low Elements, riding the Giant Swing, conquering fears on the Junkyard Leap, and climbing to the highest point on camp to ride the Zip Line. During every activity, whether both feet are on the ground or 30 feet in the air, campers are always closely supervised and safety regulations, including the wearing of safety equipment such as harnesses and helmets, are always followed in accordance with standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and Frontier Camp’s challenge course manual. Whether it’s your first time to try these activities or you’re an expert rock-climber, the Adventure Challenge classes have something for everyone! Come join us for the most amazing summer yet in Adventure Challenge at Frontier Camp!

Adventure Challenge 1

Designed for campers who are new to challenge course activities or who enjoy a challenge but prefer to stay closer to the ground. This class focuses on team building while helping campers acclimate to being off the ground in challenge course activities. Special emphasis is placed on building trust (trusting the harness, ropes and facilitator to hold you up and keep you safe once off the ground) as campers experience new challenges every day. By the end of the week, every camper will have the opportunity to conquer their fears and climb the Climbing Wall or ride the Giant Swing! This class is a great introduction to the exciting world of challenge course elements and prepares campers for Adventure Challenge II the next summer!

Adventure Challenge 2

Designed for campers who’ve been in Adventure Challenge before or who are looking for that extra challenge during the week. This class will visit the most challenging challenge course elements at Frontier Camp throughout the week, including our most-daring element the Junkyard Leap, where campers climb a series of swaying obstacles to reach a wooden box supported by cables and jump towards a hanging trapeze! Perfect for campers who enjoy heights and have no problem walking across cables in the air, climbing to the top of the Climbing Wall or racing their friend on the Zip Line!