The Horsemanship program is a popular choice for many campers, both new and returning. In the east Texas piney woods, horseback riding is a common activity, and campers often enjoy participating in this experience. Every day, campers will enjoy learning new skills, both on and around horses including the basics of riding and caring for horses. This activity class has something for everybody, no matter what their skill level!

Campers with little or no experience as well as campers who prefer not to run, should participate in Horsemanship 1. Horsemanship 1 involves basic horsemanship including saddling and grooming but always finds the campers on horseback everyday. Patterns, horse control techniques, trail rides (always a highlight of the beginner class), and a chance to ride in the grand entry of the rodeo are all a part of Horsemanship 1.

For those who have a fair amount of experience on horseback and would like the challenge of riding in a rodeo event involving poles or barrels (going around and not over them!), we will have two separate options for Rodeo classes: Horsemanship 2 and Horsemanship 3. Both Horsemanship 2 and 3 riders must be familiar and comfortable riding horses while maintaining control at a faster pace.

Horsemanship 2 is designed to be a gradual step between the Horsemanship 1 and 3. Horsemanship 2 riders are expected to already have basic horse knowledge and be comfortable walking horses while maintaining control. This class will help those semi-experienced riders become more comfortable at faster speeds, and develop skills needed to ride faster and maintaining control. Horsemanship 2 will start off slowly with the basics, making sure the riders are comfortable, and will gradually work up to the faster speeds. These campers will also have the opportunity to try out to compete in the rodeo on Thursday evening in a simple event.

Campers who have participated in rodeo events in the past or have demonstrated confidence and advanced skills in riding a horse (including maintain control at a jog), may take Horsemanship 3. It is expected that campers who sign up for Horsemanship 3 already have the basic skills and confidence going at the fast pace. These campers will start on the first day practicing for a harder rodeo pattern, working throughout the week on techniques and skills required to decrease their time and compete in a more competitive rodeo event.

**Frontier Camp reserves the right to place campers in a lower level class if they are unable to safely ride at their registered level in order to ensure camper safety and enjoyment, but will not advance campers to a higher level class without parental permission.**