Junior Week

Thursday: Western Rodeo

Thursday night is Rodeo night at FC! Break out your finest western duds—boots, blue jeans, button down shirts, cowboy (or cowgirl) hats, and belt buckles—and join us for a boot stomping night at Frontier Camp’s world famous rodeo!

Friday: Museum Mayhem!

Get ready for an evening at the museum where your favorite exhibits come to life for the 2018 Friday night theme party! Costume up and represent your favorite time period or historical figure. Like exploring? Come as Lewis or Clark. Ever wanted to be king or queen for a day? Why not come as King David or Queen Esther? The sky is the limit here (Amelia Earhart)…or beyond (Neal Armstrong)! Archaeologists, Indiana Jones, and Lara Croft are also welcome. T-Rex can come too, as long as he promises to behave. Throw on some camo as a D-Day paratrooper or get dressed as a Revolutionary War soldier. It’s going to be a blast!

Need some quick and easy ideas? Thrift stores are the place to go!

Looking for more ideas? Check out our 2018 Pinterest Theme Night Board!

Teen Week

Monday: Titan Challenge

The Titan Challenge is one of our favorite FC traditions! Because we like to jump straight into the non-stop action and fun, the Titan Challenge takes place Monday morning. Pack a set of old clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting really muddy and prepare to join your cabin in a super fun, team-building obstacle course race.

Night Game

By far the most popular activity at Teen Camp each week is our night game, which has campers stealthily sneaking around camp on a mission under cover of darkness! Bring some camo or dark clothes for this adventure, including long pants and closed toed shoes, which are required. For the extra-daring, dark face paint and other forms of disguise add to the fun!

Thursday: Country Fair Carnival & Rodeo

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls at heart! Start practicing your whooping and hollering ‘cause it’s time to get your country on! Don’t forget to bring your plaid shirts, fancy boots, and belt buckles for a night of county fair games, carnival food, and fast riding at the rodeo!

Friday: Color Explosion!

Get ready to get splattered and colored on Friday night at Teen Camp this year! We have a color war for the ages, and your job is to battle it out against your friends, cabin mates, and the rest of camp for all the glory and colors! Bring clothes you can get paint and colored powder on, including a non-see-through white shirt. For extra fun, throw some bright colored socks, bandannas, and accessories in to add to the color explosion fun!

*Note: All camper dress code regulations must be followed, even on theme nights. Theme nights are not mandatory, but they are a lot of fun, and we encourage all campers to try and participate in them. These themes were picked with ease of costume/outfit in mind and should not require expensive costumes. For most campers, between what they already have, and possibly a quick trip to a thrift store, a fun and camp-friendly costume can be found.