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Welcome to Teen Camp! We start each week off with Orientation. Right after supper, we will cover everything the campers need to know about Teen Camp, including the rec schedule, camp rules, what’s new at Teen Camp, and how to have the best week of their summer. After Orientation, the campers are revved up and ready to go, and we hit the ground running with the Titan Challenge, a game designed to help campers get to know their cabin mates and have fun letting loose in zany challenges as the (friendly) weekly cabin competition takes off.


On Mondays between Supper and Campfire, the campers will compete in cabin-oriented field games. After Campfire, the campers will change into their Night Game attire (*long pants required) and get ready for some after dark adventure!


Tuesday night features cabins squaring off against each other in the craziest relay race meets obstacle course this side of the Sabine River. Challenges include paddling an innertube, climbing up slick wakeboarding features, jumping off the lifeguard platform, and more… all while holding a rubber duck!


On Wednesdays after afternoon rec, we head to the Main Camp Waterfront on Houston County Lake. The Teens will get their time to get behind our boats and have a blast riding Tubes, Water Weenies, skis, wakeboards, and kneeboards. The campers also love to get in the canoes and kayaks, as well as enjoy time at the FC pool. Supper is served off the grill at the lake, and when the sun goes down, we turn the pool lights on and keep playing with a nighttime pool party! With food, friends, and fun in the lake, Wednesday nights are a hit!


The FC Carnival is held at the Rodeo Arena on Thursdays during the Junior Camp rodeo. Teens love the food, games, and relaxed atmosphere. Chow down on some classic carnival food while you can take your best shot to earn points or prizes in classic and wacky carnival games. After the carnival, and while Junior Camp enjoys their dinner, the Teen Rodeo riders take their turn running the horses around barrels and between poles, hoping to grab the fastest time!


On Friday evenings, our week culminates in a banquet-style meal with entertainment immediately following! Campers should bring their “Sunday Best” as we transform the Quarry into the set of “Live at the Creek” (our FC-style late night comedy show). But the fun doesn’t end there–after campfire, we turn on the lights outside, turn up the music at the Texas stage, and party hard during Double Overtime. Night cable rides, a dance party, glow stick laser tag, evening field games and more make up this fun-filled and last night of camp!