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Take a look around a church youth group or a high school campus and you’ll see youth sporting t-shirts promoting a dozen or more different summer camps. Ask any of them and they’ll tell you that their camp is wonderful and they had fun going there, which can lead to a difficult question for a parent: with so many to choose from, which summer camp is best for my family? And though from the outside looking in, all camps might appear the same, we assure you they are not. Lots of camps do fun things, but at Frontier Camp we pack the most Faith, Fun, and Friends you can fit in to an action-packed week of camp! Keep reading to find out what exactly sets Frontier Camp apart.


Take a look around a church youth group or a high school campus and you’ll see youth sporting t-shirts promoting a dozen or more different summer camps.
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These days especially, we know everyone is looking for the best deal, and we can assure you the best deal in summer camps is at Frontier Camp. Even though we offer top-notch recreation, including boating sports, water toys, ropes courses, horseback riding, riflery, and archery (to name a few!), FC is over $150 less expensive than all of the comparable camps in Texas who offer similar programming. On top of that, many of these other camps don’t offer as many “big ticket” activities as we do, or, if they do, they’re not available for their “junior” age campers. You really do get the most bang for your buck with a week of camp at FC! So, why is our price so low? We believe every child should have the opportunity to attend camp and therefore keep our price as low as possible to enable the most parents the chance to send their children to camp every summer.

Choose Your Own Activities

At Frontier Camp we’ve got a LOT of fun things to do. Which is great, because at the end of every week when we ask campers what their favorite activity was, we get as many different answers as we have activity classes! Which shows that different campers enjoy different things, and is the backbone of our choose-your-own activities program; from crafts to wakeboarding to horsemanship and woodworking, there’s something for everyone! Campers choose the activities they want to do, regardless of what activities their sibling, best friend or cabin mate chooses to do, so every camper gets a customized perfect week of fun activities at camp. And we’ve yet to find another camp where every camper gets to choose not just some, but all of their activities for their week at camp. Whereas at FC, campers get to do the things they want to do without wasting time on activities they don’t find as fun or exciting—talk about the best week of your camper’s year!

Small Size

Some things are better the bigger they are, but we don’t think a summer camp is one of them! When camp is completely full, we still only have 250 campers here at a time. Add in over 90 staff and you’ve got a camp big enough to offer top-notch recreational fun, but small enough that your camper is more than just a number. Campers know the staff by name and staff work with dozens of campers each week in their cabins or activity periods. In fact every member of our staff, from the Executive Director to the high-school aged Work Crew, interacts with campers every day!


We often say, “It’s not the stuff, it’s the STAFF!” because even though we have some really great stuff at camp, it’s the staff that make camp a great experience for campers. With that in mind, we strive to hire the best! Each applicant must fill out an extensive application, along with four references and undergo an interview and a background check. We screen each applicant carefully in regard to their Christian commitment, their love for children, and their general lifestyle, but the process doesn’t stop there. We hold our staff to the “highest standard” both while working at camp and when they’re away and expect everything from their clothing to their facebook posts to reflect their love for the Lord. And, they love camp too! Even with busy and demanding college schedules, over 55% of our staff returns from one summer to the next. We know we’re biased, but we think you won’t find a finer or more fun bunch of young adults anywhere!

Best Camp Food in Texas!

We’ve been to a lot of camps, and eaten a lot of “camp food,” so trust us when we say, Frontier Camp has GREAT camp food! Never one to buy in to the idea that camp food has to be bad, we serve kid-friendly and delicious meals three times a day. When campers consistently list the food as one of their favorite things about camp you must be doing something right! And our kitchen staff sure is! Many of our breads, main dishes and desserts are homemade and keep campers coming back for more! On top of that, our kitchen staff is made up of high school and college aged staffers who are here at camp to serve and see serving in the kitchen as their ministry to the campers. Which means the food is made with lots of love and served with a smile!

No Age Restrictions

At some camps, even though they have really cool stuff to do, campers can’t do it until they’re a certain age, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. At FC, while we do have different activities for Junior Weeks and Teen Weeks, we don’t make age restrictions on activities during a week of camp. If a 7-year-old wants to ride the zip line, go for it! We make activity assignments based on a camper’s individual preferences not age, grade, gender or any other factor because you and your camper are a better judge than us of what your camper is or is not ready for.


When you drop off your child with us we don’t take that responsibility lightly and ensure your camper is safe and supervised at all times. Our staff undergoes an intensive week-long training session before camp begins to provide each staff member with training in Frontier Camp’s purpose, program and procedures, along with CPR and first aid training. In addition, all activity staff receive training specific to their activities, including American Red Cross lifeguard training, ropes course facilitator training and boat driver training. In the cabin, two counselors are assigned to each cabin of 14 campers, and activities have at least two activity leaders at all times. In addition, during any transition, or free time (such as Recreation at Teen Camp or Bonus Activity Time at Junior Camp) we have staff monitoring the campground and common areas. We have a whole lot more to say about safety! Check it out here.