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Waldo Photo Sharing

What is Waldo?

Waldo is a photo delivery service that allows you to get all the photos of your camper delivered directly to your phone through facial recognition technology! No more searching for hours through all the pictures posted every day.

How does Waldo work?

Waldo has an online gallery that can be accessed here or you can download the Waldo App and see photos of your camper (if you purchase the package).

Waldo Photos Logo

Waldo has two options:

1. The Free Option – photos will be posted to the gallery every day and you will have the ability to scroll through the 100+ photos posted each day

      • You will still have the opportunity to purchase photos and save/download your favorites

2. The Optional Service – this service uses facial recognition to find the photos of your camper and send them to your phone via the Waldo App with notifications when new photos are found.


*Check your email for more information on how to sign up or what our unique “join code” is for this summer.

How much does Waldo cost?

$14.99 – 50% of the proceeds generated goes to our camp scholarship program!

What does the cost include?

  • Facial recognition of your camper to find all the photos he/she is in
  • Access to the everyday gallery as well as text alerts when photos of your child are posted/found (available on iOS, Android, or web)
  • The opportunity to share your access and invite up to 6 family members to view their photo stream

What if it is Not Working?

Waldo offers 24/7 customer support handled internally by their team.  You can email them at [email protected] with any problems or questions that you may have regarding Waldo.